100% Bamboo Terry Facial Cleansing Cloth

100% Bamboo Terry Facial Cleansing Cloth

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Soft, silky 100% pure bamboo facial cleansing cloths, perfect any skincare regime. A completely renewable fibre that is great for our environment and great for your face.

  • Bamboo has natural antibacterial properties.
  • No artificial dyes or bleach, made with all-natural bamboo fibers.
  • Bamboo is a great skincare alternative to cotton washcloths that can be heavily sprayed with pesticides and then subsequently processed with harsh chemicals (acephate, dichloropropene, diuron, fluometuron, pendimethalin, tribufos, and trifluralin).
  • Eco-friendly bamboo not only can help accessorize a great skincare regimen but may prevent pesticide laden cotton from being placed on the face.

Wet the cloth under warm water and wring out gently. Using gentle circular motions, wipe away cleanser or oil solution you have applied and massaged in. Repeat if needed. Never use hard or harsh scrubbing actions. Always use gentle wiping pressure. 

Warm hand-wash only. Leave to dry thoroughly before next use. Not suitable for tumble driers.